This well-made traditional washboard is ideal for use in any folk ensemble, offering a wide range of unique sounds. It has a solid wooden frame which houses a durable corrugated metal surface, making the instrument sturdy while not being too heavy.The instrument is very versatile and can be played in a variety of ways. Either play this washboard by hanging it from the neck vertically with the strap or you can hold it in the crook of one arm or between the knees while sitting. Likewise, you can play by scraping or tapping the metal surface with the thimbles provided or by using a range of other utensils such as wooden spoons, drum sticks or brushes, and whisk brooms to produce the sound.Play a simple 1+2+3+4+ rhythmic pattern by dragging thimble-covered fingers of your dominant hand down the washboard for 1, then tapping the board with a finger on the opposite hand for +. For an accented beat 2, strike down the board with your dominant hand. Then, repeat these steps for beats 3+4+.The more you play, you might like to customise your washboard by adding extra features such as bells, woodblocks, tin cans, and bicycle horns to have an even wider range of sounds on offer and give your board even more personality.Washboards were first used as substitutions for percussion instruments in a practice known as ‘hamboning’, which came to America from West Africa. This involved rhythmic dancing and chanting as well as beating out rhythms on different body parts, such as the chest and stomach, and objects to produce different sounds. The use of washboards as percussion instruments has continued in genres such as folk and bluegrass.This product is handmade in the UK and comes complete with thimbles. A horizontally hanging PP1081 washboard is also available.DetailsHeight: 45cmWidth: 33cm

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