UV Mirror with Strands



Discover reflection, expression, highly fluorescent colour and light and create a mesmerising sensory environment with this UV Mirror with Strands,
Create a fascinating sensory environment with light and colour to aid visual stimulation and perception with this fantastic UV mirror.

The UV Mirror with Strands stands at one metre tall, the top of the mirror is lit with 39 UV LEDs and decorated with lengths of vivid neon cord that fluoresce brightly under the UV light for a unique visual experience. Combining reflection and self discovery with UV light and glow in the dark colour, this captivating mirror enhances your sensory environment encouraging interactive touch, self expression and visual stimulation as an endless source of wonder.

Mains operated, this large mirror has wall mounting points and with 150cm lead, you have flexibility for placement.

  • Sensory UV mirror with neon strands
  • 39 x UV LEDs shine down mirror
  • 22 lengths of neon cord
  • Cords fluoresce brightly under the UV light
  • Visual stimulation; reflection, colour, light, fluorescence
  • Interactive, cords encourage reaching, touch
  • Explore expressions
  • Mains operated
  • 46.5cm lead to adaptor; further 150cm lead with adaptor
  • Wall mounting clips on back
  • Size: 1m (H) x 70cm (W) x 4cm (D)

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