Tub Tunes Symphony Set



The instruments within the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set were designed specifically for use in the bath, where everyone knows the best acoustics in the house reside! 

The instruments come with laminated sheet music--wet the sheets and stick them straight to the tile wall! 

The xylophone and drum float, and the water flutes are tuned by adding water.

The sheet music uses colored notes that correspond to the colors of the xylophone and flutes, so little ones get a taste of reading music without needing to understand musical notation (but this will certainly help them get the hang of it later on!). 

Foam fingers hold together the recorder-like water flutes. 

Musical notes are clearly marked on the transparent flute tubes--just add water to that line to play the note! The sheet music will let you know which notes are needed for each song.

It's a floating xylophone! Mounted on interlocking foam floats, the colour-coded bars correspond to colours on the sheet music. Two mallets are included. 

Play easy-to-recognise childhood songs like "It's Raining, It's Pouring" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" (of course!).

This symphony set will actually teach youngsters the fundamentals of music and sight-reading--instead of noise, you'll get pleasant music from these instruments! 

Tub Tunes Symphony

You've heard of singing in the shower, but now there's a symphony in the tub with the Alex Tub Tunes Symphony Bath Toy Set
  • 3 waterproof and floating instruments with sheet music
  • Encourages an understanding and appreciation of music
  • Teaches actual songs
  • Teaches children to tune their own recorder set
  • Easy to keep an ear on kids in the bath
  • Includes a floating xylophone with mallets, tunable flute set, and drum
  • Includes laminated sheet music

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