Totally Textured Metallic Tangle



The Totally Textured Metallic Tangle JR is a therapy toy that has 4 variety of neon colour combinations.  Bright, shiny and tactile! 
It can be great puzzle, a creative game, and fidget toy that you just can't put down!  This Textured Metallic Tangle is bright, shiny and tactile! It's great to play with it in the classroom, doodle with it in traffic,use during times of stress- it suits all moods! Collect all six colours and textures!

The Tangle Jr. is cool stress reliever too. There are many ways to play with Tangle.  Great for the classroom.   Sit at your desk and twist the Tangle into different shapes.  Tangle is an awesome fidget toy that inspires creativity and fun. 

Buy several and connect them to make a long shiny Tangle snake.

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