Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute White



Sometimes, an hour is not enough time...The Time Timer PLUS® 120 Minute packs all the features that have made our visual timers the first choice of teachers, students, parents and professionals into a new 120-minute timer.The Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute offers a greater visual impact for longer duration needs. Time management is not a one-size fits all undertaking. The right tools can make all the difference for your students, your work teams and your family to make the most of every moment. Ideal if you’re practicing for an upcoming test, completing a group project, a group training or team building exercise or managing a long meeting. Time Timer will help make sure you stay on track and on time!Time Timer Size Chart (Time Timer PLUS 120 MIN is the same size as the PLUS below.) Increase performance by providing a visual cue for testing and trainingKeep meetings and training on time and moving forwardFocus project work to the time allottedProvide the concept of elapsed timeMake homework and practice time more productiveReduce conflict in family and household routinesManage the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer”Empower teachers to teach instead of constantly monitoring behaviorTranscends language and culture barrier

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