Time Timer Original 12"



The Time Timer Original 12" is the heart of any classroom or boardroom.Students learn more when teachers are able to spend more time teaching instead of refereeing. Meetings stay on track when everyone in the room knows how much time is left and that is easy with the large clear Time Timer Original.At the front of the room or hanging on a wall, the disappearing red disk on our largest Time Timer Original 12" is used by teachers and business professionals around the world.Manage activities and reduce stress of transition with the Time Timer Original 12"Ease testing anxiety as students are able to see at a glance how much time is leftSharpen concentration when students try to finish “before the red is gone”Avoid confrontations over shared resources using the Time Timer Original 12".Keep meetings on schedule using the Time Timer Original 12"Manage speakers, presentations and breaks at large eventsCoordinate practice time and game breaks

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