Therapeutic Putty Pack of 5



Our Therapy Putty is a great way to effectively exercise and strengthen your hands.
The delightful set contains a pack of 5.

The Therapeutic Putty is ideal for people with arthritis in hands or injury rehabilitation.
This Therapeutic Putty is lightweight, non-greasy and perfect for people with reduced hand strength. Ideal for exercising hands that suffer from pain and stiffness often associated with arthritis.

The Therapeutic Putty can also be used for post-surgical exercise.
 The lightweight, velvety texture is the result of a unique composition that makes it less oily and gentle to gentle to handle.
Therapy putty wont stick to skin or under fingernails, and maintains resistance while pinching and squeezing.

Includes 5 colours/5 strengths in clear tubs:

Tan = Extra Soft

Yellow = Soft

Red = Soft/Medium

Green = Medium

Blue =Firm

Features of the Therapeutic Putty.

  • Effectively exercise and strengthen your hands
  • 5 colours 5 strengths
  • Lightweight & non-greasy
  • Wont stick to skin or under fingernails
  • Each pot contains 57g of putty

Uses: Perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, fidget toy, or stress reliever. Using the therapy putty strengthens the hand muscles, improves fine motor skills and relieves stress. Squeeze, pinch, stretch, and twist the putty to effectively work the hand muscles and to provide a sensory outlet.

Material and Safety: Safe, non toxic, and odourless: made of odourless non toxic materials to keep you and your child safe while using the hand putty.

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