Teaching Tac Tiles



The Teaching Tac-Tiles encourages tactile awareness through touch alone
Young children will develop their tactile awareness with this selection of colourful textured tiles contained within the delightful Teaching Tac Tiles set.

  • This colourful Teaching Tac-Tiles is ideal for solo or group play
  • The Teaching Tac-Tiles encourage tactile awareness through easy to follow game play
  • Teaching Tac-Tiles reinforce shape identification through touch
  • Teaching Tac-Tiles develops fine motor skills
  • Textured tiles remain in the tote bag and are found by touch alone
  • Includes two levels of play:
    • Children need to find two matching shapes or textures by touch alone
    • Players hunt for a tile matching either the shape or texture shown on the activity card by touch alone
  • Extend the game play to build descriptive vocabulary as children describe what theyre feeling
  • Activity set is language free
  • 20 plastic tiles featuring five textures and shapes
  • Includes ten game cards
  • Shapes measure 5cm
  • Tote bag for easy storage
  • Plastic shapes can be washed to keep clean

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