Tangle Metallic



This Tangle Metallic is a series of colourful curves that connect and pivot in every direction.
The Tangle Metallic toy has no start and no end allowing you to twist and turn it until your hearts content. This Tangle Metallic range is completely smooth (there is no texture) and are available in 6 cool contemporary metallic colours supplied at random

All tangle toys have an amazing ability to focus your children and calm them when nervous and anxious. The simple nature of this fidget toy lends itself perfectly to children with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. The toy acts as a tool that occupies their hands without disturbing others around them. The gentle energy of toy moving through the users fingers helps children and adults listen better and take instruction more clearly. Not only does this help them to learn more effectively, it also stops a child being disruptive when they fidget too much. We've also seen this range of tangles being purchased for  adults with dementia. They are attracted specifically to the bright colours and are often more than happy to fiddle with it in their fingers. 

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