Tails Twinkle Star Ceiling Kit



Our Star Ceiling Fibre Optic Kits create a dreamy twinkle effect to any room - a mirage of stars twinkling in the ceiling.
The Star Ceiling Kit is a  very popular calming effect in nurseries, care home settings, and in children's bedrooms.
The fibres are long lasting and, unlike LED's, the individual fibres will not fail.

The high quality fibres are powered by a LED lightsource, which is supplied complete with remote control making it perfect to change the colours of the display or to turn the colour effect on or off.

The Twinkle Wheel effect, enables a near-and-far twinkle star effect which looks stunning

Bring the twinkling sky at night into any room for a fantastic effect and fabulous multi-sensory resource.

 The fibre optics can be arranged in patterns to achieve different effects - simply design whatever effect you desire

Comes supplied with 120 fibre optic tail points of light covering a 2m x 2m area.

Star Ceiling Kit with a harness of 120 PMMA polymer fibres, 34 x 1.1m, 38 x 1.7m, 48 x 2.8m, plus LED Light Source 5w 12v remote controlled with colour twinkle wheel.

Custom made order

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