Super Spinner



This super spinner LED wand is a truly incredible light up toy. This is a truly unique gyroscopic super spinner LED wand with 4 coloured LED lights that Spin around an ambient lit LED Globe. The super spinner LED wand changes and morphs in shape as the user moves with it. For incredible effect gently sway the super spinner LED wand in your hand back and forth to instantly and effortlessly create a mind blowing light show. Of course this fantastic light up toy does alot of the light show work on it's own but in the hands of a child the effects produced are nearly limitless. Simple one touch operation will have you amazed with the touch of a button. The Super spinner Wand works in any position: Right side up, side ways and upside down! Each position has a different look and effect; pair that with a gentle swaying motion for an amazing 3D light show effect that is sure to mesmerize on lookers.

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