Step a forest balance set



Children will have fun building and walking on the forest balance paths they create with the Step-a-Forest balance set. The Step a forest balance comes complete with trails and stumps which act as excellent balance beams to coordinate children's gross motor, balance and physical development skills. The Step a forest balance stones are made with durable moulded plastic with non slip surfacing for extra stability. The leaves, made with a soft non-slip plastic add an extra opportunity for children to create a variety of pathways at different levels. The Step a forest balance set is perfect for developing balance, individual and collaborative play skills. Tree themed balance bases made from non slip durable plastic will be a great addition to any physical play collection The Step a forest balance set is suitable for ages 2+ years The Step a forest balance set contains: 6 Step-a-Leaves (15 x 265 x 187mm) 6 Step-a-Stumps (133 x 288 x 280mm) 10 Step-a-Trails (2 x Y-Shaped Logs 64 x 460 x 374mm, 8 x Logs 64 x 480 x 136mm); and two handy storage bags.

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