Square Pyramid Stacker



Graduating in size, these brightly coloured cube stacking blocks need to be stacked in the correct order, from largest to smallest, to create a tower. A great way for your little one to learn about different sizes and colours. The Stacking blocks can be used in other play activities and can be stacked neatly inside of each other, which means once play time is over they can be stored away tidily. These stacking cubes help children develop mathematical skills by recognising number order, counting up to 10 and pattern matching of images on different sides. They also promote awareness of size and shape.9 cubes in different sizesBuild a huge towerBlocks fit perfectly inside of each other as a great way to be stored once play time is over!Develop mathematical skills: numbers, counting, matching, ordering, shapes and sizeDesigned in AustriaProduct Size: 9.8 x 53.2 x 9.8 cm

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