Space Blanket



The space blanket is the perfect special needs sensory resource and has so many sensory play benefits.
The space blanket foil provides a rewarding crinkly noise which children love to experience by touch and sound making this a tactile dream which is both comforting and relaxing.

Take the space blanket and reflect light onto it and watch as the Foil blanket becomes a beacon of light reflecting across the space blanket.
The space blanket is a reassuring snug comforter to many children with special needs as they can wrap this around themselves and relax within the comfort of the soft foil blanket.

The space blanket is a light weight reassuring tactile product and children will benefit from sensory play in a fun and engaging way,

The space blanket is both soft and crinkly to touch the space blanket will be a child's sensory dream.
Our space blanket offers fantastic value for money and is an ideal addition to any sensory room or environment.
Put the space blanket on the floor and watch the light reflect or wrap it around your body and feel the warmth and security the space blanket brings.

Listen as the space blanket crinkles and provides a reassuring sound.

Scrunch the space blanket and the space blanket foil texture will provide great tactile input.

The space blanket be used over and over again.

The Space blanket is a very popular multi sensory resource.

Size 210cm x 140cm

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