Softie Mirror Tray



The Softie Mirror Tray's are made from a plane acrylic mirror surrounded by a EVA frame which is durable and long lasting which makes it a suitable resource for use within the early years and above. The Softie Mirror Tray is perfect to use when placing and arranging play materials. The Softie Mirror Tray is a great sensory item which allows children to self explore Our TickiT® Wood Effect Softie Mirror Tray is made from safe and durable EVA foam, making it ideal for babies and children to observe their own reflection and be captivated by their facial expressions. The large acrylic mirrored surface is a great way for children of all ages to learn about reflection, self observation and awareness, the reflection of light and colour and symmetry. With a wood effect frame, it can be used indoors or outside as a mini observation arena, a small world play environment or as a wall mirror.

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