Softie Four Way Mirror



The Softie Four-Way Mirror Orange is a fantastic for developing your child's understanding of colour and shapes through play The Softie Four Way Mirror is effective in promoting self discovery and recognition. Looking into this 90 degree corner is fascinating - you can see your own face reflected back at you - and within each side mirror you can see the opposite side mirror reflection too. Children will want to look at themselves and explore the world within the Softie Four Way Mirrors. Comes as a flat pack and simply slots/pushes together and can be packed away when not in use. Softie Four Way Mirror measures - Base: 38cm. Panels: 30 x 30cm. Sold each. Softie Four Way Mirror supports the EYFS / National Curriculum: EYFS Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Self-confidence & self-awareness EYFS Physical Development: Moving & handling; Health & self-care EYFS Communication & Language: Understanding EYFS Mathematics: Numbers; Shape, space & measure EYFS Understanding the World: The World KS1 Science KS1 Mathematics KS1 Personal, Spiritual & Emotional Development Supports quality provision using ITERS & ECERS: ITERS-R: 04. Space & furnishings: Room arrangement ITERS-R: 17. Activities: Art ITERS-R: 22. Activities: Nature/Science ECERS-R/E: Language & Reasoning, Activities, Science & Environment, Provisions for children with disabilities, Diversity

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