Soft Play Area



The child's activity corners built from soft lumps connected with strong Velcro fasteners are a safe way of spending time by the youngest in nurseries, kindergartens or play rooms.The corners equipped with foam pads will provide many hours of excellent fun, thanks to which children develop muscle work, coordination of movement and establish relationships with their peers.Foam sets can also enrich the equipment of motor rehabilitation rooms as well as sensory integration therapy rooms. For the safety of children, the elements of the sets were made of non-slip fabric. At this point, we offer you a dry pool made of a delicate and elastic foam, which ensures safety during play and movement activities. Individual lumps were sewn with a material that is easy to clean.The choice of colours encourages physical activity and creation of any spatial structures.The mattress, which is part of the set, is the bottom of the pool, which is filled with colourful balls.For the safety of children, the elements of the set were made of non-slip fabric.• 6 elements: cuboid 50cm x 50cm x 30cm; rounded foam 30 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm; stairs 50 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm; ramp 100cm x 50cm x 25 cm; mattress 85 cm x 65 cm x 3 cm; element yellow 100 cm x 80 cm x 15 cm

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