Sock Monkey Jack in the Box



Go ahead, turn the crank on this delightful Sock Monkey Jack in the Box toy which children and adults alike will love.
"Pop Goes the Weasel" chimes merrily, and hearts race in anticipation.
Sooner or later, this box is going to... POP!

A monkey made from socks? What a delightful surprise! What genuine smiles.
Send the Sock Monkey into action, and his antics bring repeat fun.

You're never too old to appreciate a Sock Monkey Jack in the Box. It's a classic toy to be treasured.

Sock Monkey Jack in the Box

  • Classic tin musical pop-up toy
  • Delightful toy with surprise action
  • Turn crank to play tune and pop the sock monkey up from the box
  • Tune plays "Pop Goes the Weasel"
  • Retro graphics decorate the pressed tin box
  • Durable and adorable, classic fun
  • Tin box with easy-turn crank

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