Smooshy Sand Natural 1kg Bag



Smooshy Sand Natural 1kg Bag is an amazing magnetic magic sand. You can squeeze it, mould it and then watch the magic sand flow through your fingers – you won't be able to put it down,the magic of Smooshy Sand Natural 1kg Bag is something special. Smooshy Sand is a soft magic sand which is fun, mess-free and great for kids sensory play. The magnetic sand can be moulded and shaped much easier than traditional play sand. Smooshy magic sand is soft and silky - hold it then watch the magic as it melts through your fingers like normal sand. Perfect for pre-school, playgroups and nurseries for sensory play and crafts, toddlers love using our magic sand to build sand castles. Older kids will also enjoy using our magnetic sand to make sand shapes then chop and slice them up - super soothing and satisfying. Kinesthetic sand is loved by kids of all ages. Supplied in a 1 kg. Natural 1kg Bag

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