Skwooshi Rainbow Pack



Skwooshi is an astonishing, mess-free, mouldable compound - one minute you are moulding and modelling and the next Skwooshi is stretching and flowing!
Use the Skwooshi Rainbow Pack to mould, press, and stretch as it magically transforms from a mouldable dough into a stretchy, flowing substance.
The Skwooshi Rainbow Pack is perfect for developing gross and fine motor skills, creativity and cognitive understanding.
Encourages social interaction and stimulates conversation. It can also go from carpet to floor mess-free, is non-toxic, odour-free, gluten free and doesn't dry out!
Skwooshi Rainbow Pack is wheat gluten free and casein free. But, the magic is the Skwooshi Effectone minute your moulding with Skwooshi , the next minute Skwooshi is stretching! (and for all you scientists out there it is a Non Newtonian Fluid) Skwooshi then instantly transforms right back to being a solid.
Perfect for curious little hands.
For ages 3yrs+.

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