Shape Link Activity Set



Linking is an activity that all children enjoy. Theres a reason why linking toys have endured throughout history.
The Shape Link Activity Set come in such vibrant colours that theres really no reason not to grab a set of links to play with.
The Shape Link Activity Set contains different shapes, your child can learn about shapes in a tactile, hands-on way!

There are so many ways to play and learn with this Shape Link Activity Set, form a Long belt, or a scene on a flat surface, or use them as stencils for drawing! 
You can work on colour sorting, patterning and sequencing, counting and linking these shapes together to form different play items. 

If you need ideas, dont worry, because theres a set of activity cards you can refer to! 

This Shape Links Activity Set contains:

  • 360 links in 3 shapes and 6 colors
  • 20 2-sided activity cards
  • a sturdy plastic container

Size of square 30x30mm. 3+

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