Set of Sand & Digital Timers



Entice children to vary and expand their maths learning using this good selection of sand and electronic classroom timers in our exclusive Set of Sand & Digital Timers Kit.Our Set of Sand & Digital Timers set includes a selection sand and digital timers includes the following; 1-minute mini sand timer, 3-minute mini sand timer, 5-minute mini sand timer, Two digital sand timers and one large 2-minute timer.These timers will encourage mathematical and scientific thinking in a fun and engaging way.In KS1 children need opportunities to develop their mathematical reasoning across all areas of the curriculum. A carefully planned math's area provides them with the resources they need to for learning. These sand timers offer a rich variety of opportunities to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning as well as approaching problem solving in imaginative ways.Our Set of Sand and Digital Timers includes the followingSet of Mini Sand Timers – Set of 3 timers – 90mm x 25mm – 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute. Robust colour co-ordinated sand timers giving accurate interval times for individual pupil use. Ideal for use in maths, science and timed literacy activities.Large Sand Timer – 16 x 7cm – Easy to use sand timer. 2 minute timer with shatterproof plastic barrier to protect the inner glass.Digital Timer – x 1 with 3 easy to stop and start buttons1 Corded Digital timer which can be worn out and about.

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