Sequin Fabric Sheet - Black



This set of four sequin fabric is excellent for role play and dramatic play. Child can use this sequin fabric to create their own play spaces or small dens. The colourful sequined fabric can also be used for dress ups and costumes, as well as for sensory and exploratory play. This sequin fabric includes choices of material in each of the following colours: silver, gold, red, and black. Each piece of sparkly fabric measures 100cm wide x 98cm long. This fabric is suitable for children from the age of 3 years and older. Designed with safety in mind the sequins are a part of the cloth and cannot be pulled off as they are entwined with the fabric as a complete piece. A shiny textured fabric sheet which children and adults will love and can use to enhance Music and dance activities or to enhance any sensory environment. A great Visual aid for use in role play and creates an instant transformation of any sensory environment.

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