Sensory Wonder Blocks



As children play with the different sights, sounds and textures of the blocks, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and memory. There's 9 blocks each with a different colour, texture or sound to encourage the development of senses including sight and hearing. Includes texture matching board and cotton back for extra play value and storage.The sensory blocks will make benefit to your children to develop 3 senses skills, vision, touch and hearing. Vision Children can develop their vision skills by color mixture between 3 blocks in primary colors which are red, blue and yellow. Touch The children will learn the difference of the object by touching. Learning guide The children have to touch one of object at a time in the wooden panel which contains soft mirror, different texture of fabric. Then they have to take a guess and grab the block which same surface. 1. Put all of the block into the little bag 2. Touch one object surface at a time 3. Take a guess and grab the block which same surface. Hearing Children can develop their hearing skills by shaking the green and orange color blocks. They will learn the different sounds which will bring them excitement. Dimension : 8x17x20 cm.

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