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Relaxation will be enhanced with the ambient background music in a calming room or add to the sensory experience in a Special Needs Interactive sensory room Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your sensory room, sit back and listen to relaxing sounds of your choice. Great for bed time or calm down time or just perfect for use in the day as a general background sound. Choose one disc from the range: Dolphins and whales sensory relaxion CD: The enchanted world of the Dolphin; the Dolphin world comes alive with this delightful selection of Dolphin and ocean sounds. Running time 59 Minutes Birds and the Forest Sensory CD The Birds and the Forest CD creates a delightful ambience as the cheerful sounds of birds in the forest fill the air and brighten your day. The birds chirp and sing with a wonderful relaxing sound of a stream in the background. Sounds of Thunder Sensory Music CD Sounds of gentle rain and distant thunder embedded with alpha brainwave pulses surround you in a cozy blanket of warmth and inner calm. In the background, a gentle rain falls, and claps of distant thunder quietly stir the feeling of peace within your tranquil shelter. Running time: 1 hour 14 minutes Ocean Waves Sensory Music CD Let the lush pure sea sounds of the Ocean Waves Sensory Musci CD transport you to another place for relaxation, stress relief and help falling to sleep. A great relaxation music cd. Running time: 58 Minutes Running time 60 minutes

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