Sensory Reflective Sound Balls Pack of 7



The Sensory Reflective Sound Balls are robustly constructed from stainless steel, these 7 sensory reflective sound balls are graduated in size from 50mm to 110mm, each with different contents so that every ball produces a different sound and movement effect.The hand finished shiny mirror surface on the Sensory Reflective Sound Balls provides a distorted fish-eye lens reflection which is fascinating for children to observe. The Sensory Reflective Sound Balls are lightweight, smooth and tactile to handle and can be of particular appeal to children with SEND, for those requiring inspiration in creative language, and for young scientists to work out why different materials can create different sounds and have different effects on movement.The Sensory Reflective Sound Balls are made from stainless steel which is an ideal material for using in sensory play resources:• Chemical free – no toxins• Durable – strong and lightweight• Hygienic –

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