Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls



The Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls are beautiful multi-coloured balls robustly constructed from hard wearing, hand finished stainless steel.The Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Balls set comes supplied as a set of 4 colour burst balls.The Sensory Reflective Colour Burst Ball effect provides a spectrum of bright metallic shades on each ball, with a fascinating reflection that distorts like a fish-eye lens to give children an intriguing view of themselves and their surroundings.Stainless steel will warm to the touch to encourage further sensory discovery and the tough lightweight material makes the balls easy for even the youngest children to handle and explore. Product in development – finished item may vary slightly.Stainless steel is an ideal material for using in sensory play resources:• Chemical free – no toxins• Durable – strong and lightweight• Hygienic – non-porous and naturally bacteria resistantSupports the following areas of learning:• Personal Development - sensory• Understanding the World - observation, colour• Physical Development - motor skills• Physical Development - hand-eye coordinationSpecificationSizes: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm dia. Pack of 4

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