Sensory Motion Wobble Stool - 38 cm Dark Blue



The Sensory Motion Wobble Stool is a lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed sensory stool, the sensory motion wobble stool encourages stationary seating for active children and is the ideal outlet for extra energy. The unique curvature and non-slip base on the Sensory Motion Wobble Stool allows children to safely lean and spin in any direction, so a child may develop better core control. The high-quality soft-touch seat provides comfort while the over-molded side grips provide a tactile and sensory experience. Our Sensory Motion Wobble Stool is a high quality product designed with children of all ages and heights in mind. Sizes range from 30.5 cm tall to 38 cm tall. Available in Red, Dark Blue, Natural, Light Blue, Black and Green. 30.5 cm Motion Stool Ages: 3-4 38 cm Motion Stool- Aged 5 plus

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