Sensory Messy Play Kit 2



Our Sensory Messy Play Kit 2 is an exciting collection of Messy Play ideas perfect to enlighten your child's sensory diet. The fantastic Sensory Messy Play Kit 2 is a useful way for tactile defensive children who don’t like messy hands, but who can still enjoy a messy play experience to feel various textures and enjoy the sensations rather than fear them. Contents are a mixture of textures and feel and children will love to explore the messy play kit. Sensory Messy Play Kit 2 includes- Bubble Machine and Fluid Baff Bomb Rocket Gelli Play Slime Tub Colour Changing Putty Sandy Floss Textured Play Pot Occasionally items maybe subbed for a product of similar and higher value. Benefits Include: Develop fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, creativity, sensory perception, tactile awareness visual perception.

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