Sensory Liquid timer - 1 Piece



Highly attractive transparent colour sensory liquid timer shapes which use the flow of oil and water droplets to show the passage of time, a dynamic that will captivate and fascinate. Nurseries and Preschools alike will love the versatility of these handheld Sensory Liquid timer toys that have each been constructed from a durable, transparent plastic. Internally, coloured oil and water have been combined to create a bobbled mixture that flows between both divided sides of the Sensory Liquid timer as a way of tracking the progress of time. The Sensory Liquid timer encourages children to upend each of the three different colours shapes and stare on in amazement as tiny droplets appear to float effortlessly through the timer. This pack of Sensory Liquid timers comes with 3 different sensory liquid shapes colours to choose from and can be stored alongside your existing sensory toys. Turn any of these 3 colourful sensory liquid timer shapes upside down and watch the bubbles fall and bounce to the bottom. These petite classic liquid timers are just the right size for stacking, games, or handheld visual relaxation. Each Sensory Liquid Drop Timers Set features three chunky timers with colorful bubbles that float to the bottom till time is up! Perfect for visual input and quiet focus Can be turned upside down to provide a variety of ways for the bubbles to fall or rise Set includes 3 transparent timers in the colors of red, green, & blue

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