Sensory Dark Den



Crawl into the dark den and be welcomes to the amazing world of sensory play and exploration.The Sensory Dark Den is a cost effective and is simple to construct and maintain and to provide a great way to enjoy creative play.Velcro-receptive sides, make adding your own display material (mirrors, textures etc) easy. Wires connected to other sensory equipment can be fed through the base of the screens easily for added convenience and safety.Specification: Comprises 4 x 860mm sq black/white velcro receptive screens, plus 1 x roof/blackout cover, all connectors. Size: As a den, 860mm high (34 inch) x 860mm square as a den, or 3 metres (9 -10ft) zig-zag for art displays/activity division. Each screen weighs 1kg. Thick 32mm (1 1/2inch) tubular plastic Screens connect with wide plastic hinges. Plastic fittings wipe clean. Soft foam filled (3mm), fire retardant fabric centre panels. All individual parts are replaceable. All plastics, EN71 phthalate free. Plastic tube is 100% recyclable and made from 50% recycled plastics. Made in the UK.Supplied flat pack for simple push fit assembly.Age: 9 months - 2 years

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