Sensory Colour Timer



The Sensory Colour Timer is a fantastic visual treat which will engage and entertain the user.These Sensory Colour Timers are a must-have,helping you relax, de-stress, and think of new ideas.Whenever you're bored, tired, anxious, or whatever else, simply flip over the Sensory Colour Timer to watch beautiful colours drop down in soothing displays.These Sensory Colour Timers will provide a visual count down to the end of an activity and can be used in daily routines and can be used in any setting including at home.The Sensory Colour Timers can help children to develop an understanding of time.The Sensory Colour Timer takes approx 1 min to run through. Please note these timers are for sensory calming and not for accurate time management. The action of the liquid showers can stimulate visual learning with regards to colours and the passing of time. This sensory activity is praised as a fun and stimulating early years resource for younger children.Captivating liquid timerPopular sensory aidEntrancing colours & flowEncourages concentration and provides a calming effect.One supplied in a random colour

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