Sensory Beanie Lounger - Black



The Kids Sensory Lounger Bean Bag is an extremely versatile piece with a size for everyone! The Indoor/Outdoor Lounger Bean Bag is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, suitable for any room of the house! The larger sizes can act as a sofa, folded against a wall they can be used as a giant chair, or if you really want to relax, turn it on it's side and you've got yourself a hammock! Our Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are made from a soft, shower-proof and UV Resistant material - meaning the sun and rain won't damage them! Although perfectly suited for use outside, the Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are very comfortable and look great in any living room or bedroom. FIRE SAFETY COMPLIES WITH BRITISH FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS (FIRE SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1988 (AMENDED 1989, 1993 & 2010) L 120CM X W 60CM

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