Sensory Backpack



A fantastic portable sensory back pack making this perfect for travelling or for therapists on the move. Take your sensory toy collection everywhere and with ease. The Sensory Backpack is a great value on the go resource allowing the user to move around freely with sensory resources to hand when needed. 1 X Backpack: A hard wearing backpack with two straps and numerous pockets 2 X Big Talking Buttons: A large chunky button that makes a noise when pressed 4 X Prismatic LED Spinners: This hand held spinner beams light that gives a disco ball effect throughout the room 2 X Liquid Timers: Creating a wonderful visual effect, these colourful timers allow slow moving balls through a variety of obstacles to reach the bottom 1X Ooze Tube: This robust cylinder contain a slow moving goo which makes its way to the base when flipped on its head 1 X Waterfall Tube: Small colourful balls make their way around the spiral whilst creating the sound of a waterfall 3 X Space Blankets: Silver foil blankets that create a wonderful crunching noise when wrapped around the user 1 X Soft Animal Mirror: A safe acrylic mirror with soft foam backing that can stick to tiles when wet 1 X Tangle: A fun toy that develops hand eye coordination and problem solving 3 X Stretchy Caterpillars: Brightly coloured stretchy toys that create a wonderful effect under a UV light 1 X Happy Yellow Ball: A wonderfully tactile and squidgy yellow ball 1 X Mini Glitter Ball: A small plastic ball containing liquid and glitter

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