Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion



The Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion style are especially made for teenagers and adults. The Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion's are larger in size and designed to be squeezed and cuddled to soothe. Teens can use them behind their backs as a massage cushion to calm down and relax during study or play! Cuddle up on the couch with our classic Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion fleece pillow. With pockets to play with and a matching hood, everyone loves their favorite Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion. The Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion is a lightweight, cool shaped portable calming pillow and offer's a gentle sensation when they are squeezed, calming and soothing the body through vibrations. Teens and adults that have trouble relaxing or concentrating will be comforted by the vibrations of the Senseez Vibrating Hoodie Cushion Use them at home! Use them to study! Use them for on the go! Dimensions 13" x 17" Depth 5 inches

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