Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager Lil Jelly



The Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager Lil Jelly provide portable vibrations on the go! Give the Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager Lil Jelly a squeeze and it will allow kids relax and focus! Ease the senses with these adorable animal themed, handheld sensory vibes. The Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager Lil Jellyoffers activated vibration with pressure when you squeeze them. The gentle vibration can help calm and relax children who require this type of sensory input: Perfect for kids who need help sitting still during school, mealtimes or while doing home work. SENSES/SKILLS: • Proprioceptive Input • Calms and relaxes central nervous system • Helpful for individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, with ADHD, SPD, sleep disorders and other attention issues. • Helps calm children who have difficulty sitting in one place • Aids in Focus • Helps with tactile sensitivities: Can help children learn to tolerate different sensations if they are hypersensitive • Increases processing awareness • Improved concentration

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