Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs



This Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs will evoke a sense of awe and wonder about the phenomena in our world. Young children will be fascinated by the resources and will become fully engaged in learning about physical science – a great way to inspire the researchers and inventors of the future. This ready-made science resource collection 3-4yrs taps into children’s curiosity. These Early year science resources will inspire children to investigate, experiment with ideas, and also hypothesise and reach their own conclusions. Key concepts of cause and effect, similarities and differences are taught and the magical qualities of materials, force and light are revealed. Young children will be fascinated by the resources and all of the possibilities they offer for enquiry. This science resource collection 3-4yrs has key opportunities for learning and development Honing fine motor skills by handling different tools and materials. it also develops an understanding of cause and effect, similarities, differences, patterns and changes. Through child-led, adult supported play, children will use these investigative materials to explore and experiment, so they develop a deep understanding of Science and Physical development The Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs includes Transparent colour paddles in a range of colours will enable children to experiment with colour changes as well as with light. Kaleidoscope -beautiful patterns and colours are clear through the wonderful kaleidoscope in different designs. Set of Glitter Sticks x 3 – Children can watch the beautiful patterns and colours intertwine with this glitter stick. Liquid Timer. The colour, light and movement of oil timers will engage children’s curiosity.– Pack of 2 Magnetic Wands– 190mm – Two plastic wand magnets in bright colours can also be used in conjunction with metallic chips. Metal Chips– 20mm – These open-ended metal chips can be used for a range of subjects including counting, sorting, currency. A steel ring around the edge of each chip means they can be picked up by a magnet. 100 pieces supplied Magic Spring- which will fascinate children as they experiment with the movements. Set of Pull Back Toys – including 2 x pull back toys. Jumbo magnifier-Children will enjoy sharing their ideas as they work together with the jumbo magnifier.

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