Sand and Water Activity Set



The Sand and Water Activity Set is a complete set of our water play accessories, ideal for use with any of our Water Trays and the Water Play Activity Rack.The Sand and Water Activity Set is a large set of sand and water play tools, perfect for enhancing play.This superb Sand and Water Activity Set has a great selection of tools to help children explore and experiment.A set designed for fun and for exploration of volume.Ideal for use with sand or water.The set contains: Green funnel and clear hose: 3 plastic jugs - 250, 500 and 1000ml: 5 plastic measuring cups: 6 measuring spoons: 3 pipettes: Spray bottle: Pump bottle.Contents:Sand & Water Play Funnel (72246) Water Blaster Pipette Set (72242) Water Play Spray Bottle (72294) Water Play Pump Bottle (72295) Large Plastic Hose (72297) Small Plastic Hose (72326) Sand & Water Play Jug Set (72244) Spoon Set (53871) Cups Set (53872)

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