Royalty Finger Puppets



These brightly coloured wooden Royalty Finger Puppets will delight youngsters as they re-enact legendary stories or make up some of their own! Includes a king, queen, prince and princess, as well as a wizard and a very theatrical court jester! These wooden Finger Puppets are perfectly sized for little fingers and an excellent way to develop creative and interactive play sessions - all they need now is a stage (BJ243 or BJ339)! Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Consists of 6 play pieces. Here's a chance for little imaginations to run riot with these delightful finger puppets. Include the king and queen, a prince and princess, plus a wizard and court jester! A fantastic way to enjoy individualised and creative role play sessions. Made from quality responsibly sourced materials, Bigjigs Toys conform to current EU safety standards Ages 3 years and up. 6 play pieces.

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