Rock and Fish



Fish for excitement, and reel in developmental fun and learning!Children rush to grab a fishing pole and scatter the sea creatures across the floor. Fish, crabs and starfish make a mighty fine catch.Focusing on a crab, they maneuver a pole with a chunky bait hook, until it's positioned just right. Swinging back and forth, the hook dangles over the crab. Kids must rally their muscle control to make a catch!For more fishing challenge, kids set the sea creatures rocking. Back and forth, back and forth, on curved bases... Can you make a catch?"I caught a starfish, I caught a starfish!" comes a cheerful shout. Holding their pole high, your little one displays their prized starfish. It's a thrill that's tough to replicate.For the little onesWho needs a pole, just hold a hook and go after some fish. Little ones build concentration and fine motor skills as they focus on hooking fish.Team PlayGrab a fellow fisherman, and choose the teamwork pole. Two rods connect to one hook. Can you catch a fish with me? One fish, two fish, three!Two-hand solo play Hold the team play pole. Improve control and hand-eye coordination by moving both hands together to snag a fish.Rock N Fish is the catch of the day!Rock N FishFishing game for developmental fun and learningDevelop fine motor control, concentration, hand-eye coordinationEncourage creative play, teamwork, communicationManeuver fishing hooks to catch crabs, fish, starfishSmooth, chunky plastic bait hooksLarge sea creatures with rocking base designIncludes 2 yellow starfish, 2 red crabs, 2 blue fish, 2 single rods, 1 rod for teamworkColorful rainbow stepping stone toys not included, (sold separately)Sea creatures measure approximately: 6 x 5 inchesPoles measure 18.8 inches longDurable, high quality performance

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