Rainbow Gel Number Fish



Vibrantly rainbow coloured Rainbow Gel Number Fish with numbers 0-20 on one side and their corresponding dots on the other.The Rainbow Gel Number Fish are Ideal for learning to count, to associate numbers with quantities, for colour recognition and for sensory play.The tactile squashy Rainbow Gel Number Fish contain gel-like beads in 7 crystal clear rainbow colours, with a loop at the top for hanging on a string or with pegs.The translucent colours contained within the Rainbow Gel Number Fish will colour mix when held against a window or light panel, e.g. blue and yellow held together will produce green.The Rainbow Gel Number Fish have a compelling texture that invites sensory exploration and can have a calming effect when the beads are moved around, they can also be frozen to add another level of sensory discovery.The Rainbow Gel Number Fish supports the following areas of learning:• Maths - numbers and counting• Understanding the World - colour• Personal Development - sensory• Expressive Arts & Design - imaginative play• Communication & Language - descriptive languageSpecification of Rainbow Gel Number FishSize: 80 x 150mm. Pk21.

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