Polydron School Set of 806 Pieces



Bring geometry to life with this huge Polydron School Set of 806 Piece set. This Polydron School set is the most economical way to buy enough Polydron for several classrooms to use! The Polydron School Set contains a massive 806 pieces including: 120x Squares 300x Equilateral Triangles 72x Pentagons 60x Hexagons 80x Right Angle Triangles 60x Isosceles Triangles 50x Large Equilateral Triangles 30x Rectangles 10x Octagons 8x Polydron wheels with axle mounts and stubs Exploring Polydron activity booklet Gratnells Storage Tray Polydron is the original and still superior construction shape, recognised in many countries as the world’s leading resource for teaching shape and space; two and three-dimensional geometry, and design and technology. It is used as a major aid for developing spatial awareness and is easily used by children, giving excellent play value, although it is versatile enough to be utilised for complex mathematical theories. Each square piece measures 7.5 x 7.5cm The unique joints readily snap together giving a superior hinge. This design is critical to forming two and three-dimensional geometric shapes. Weight (kg): 14.16 L x W x H (cm): 48 x 36 x 32 Recommended for ages: 6 years +

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