Polydron Mighty Tub



The Polydron Mighty Tub is used in thousands of schools world wide the Polydron Construction system enables the construction of many 2 and 3-D models.Polydron Tubs are a great way to introduce young children to the world of construction and eventually geometry.Each pack contains a work sheet which contains images of examples to follow rather than words. The tubs are excellent value kits and will last for many years.The Mighty Tub contains 223 piecesThis set contains:24x Frameworks Right Angle Triangles24x Frameworks Squares48x Frameworks Equilateral Triangles20x Polydron Squares80x Polydron Equilateral Triangles3x Swivel Joints4x Wheels, Hubcaps, Struts and Squares with gimbalsLeaflet WorksheetStorage Tub

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