Polydron Engineering Set 250 Pieces



The Polydron Engineering Set 250 Piece set is the latest, totally unique, Design and Technology product which is used to demonstrate engineering principles and the workings of simple machines. 250 pieces with various components as shown in the key. Includes excellent work cards. Build the following 14 models: Cable Car, Gear Toy 1, Gear Toy 2, Chairspinner, Chairoplane, Big Gear Toy 1, Big Gear Toy 2, Four-Cylinder Engine, Gearbox, Crane, Gyro, V8 Engine, Clock, Vertigo. 3 to 4 models can be made at a time. The Polydron Engineering Set 250 Piece set contains the latest innovations including cams and linkages which will help to inspire future engineers, encouraging students to create recognisable models of engines, fairground rides and many other familiar mechanical creations. The gears are made with simple ratios (8, 16 and 24 teeth), so lots of other models can be invented. A full set of comprehensive work cards will help to guide the user quickly and efficiently. One of the unique points about this new and innovative set is that the pieces are completely interactive with Polydron Original and Frameworks pieces, and so will complement all existing classroom stocks. A must for any design and technology class. Lots of new engineering components included. Totally unique D and T product that provides clear links between maths and engineering. Supplied with work cards. Fully tested by schools and experts. 9 years +

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