Plui Rain Cloud



A rain cloud for bath or pool - The Plui Rain Cloud is is one unique little creature.Immerse Plui Cloud in water to fill it up, then lift your finger from the nozzle and water rains out! You control the shower.Plui Rain Cloud stimulates the senses and discovery of basic physical principles.Fun comes in a downpour! Kids everywhere (even big kids) love to get their hands on the Plui Rain Cloud.Plui Rain CloudA rain cloud for fun play in bath or poolStimulates the senses, encourages interest in physical propertiesImmerse Plui Cloud in water to fill, cover nozzle, raise it up high above the waterLift a finger from the nozzle and water rains out!Design-centric fun for the bathEasy handling size, approximately 3 x 4 inchesFun for a wide range of agesFully safety testedTake a peep at the Plui Rain Cloud in action below:

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