Playstix Super Set



More Pieces, more Fun! The Playstix super Set includes more Playstix pieces, wheels and a moulded Building Base designed to make stacking and transporting your creations easy. Includes enough pieces to build larger, more intricate models and crazy creatures. Contains 400 pieces, including wheels, propellers, Flexible Playstix, snap on heads and feet. Complete with ideas book which shows over 50 great models you can build. Storage box included. 348 Rigid Playstix pieces: 38 yellow, 60 light blue, 80 purple, 70 red, 60 dark blue, 20 green, 20 orange. 16 Flexible Playstix pieces: 8 yellow short, 8 yellow long. 10 small wheels, 10 large wheels, 6 propellers, 2 snap-on heads, 8 snap-on feet. Ages 4 years +

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