Playfoam Putty 4-Pack



Mould, stretch and squeeze this uniquely textured kids Playfoam Putty and hear it make satisfying crackling sounds with every squish. This fun sensory Playfoam Putty 4-Pack combines the squishability of award-winning Playfoam ® with stretch of putty for a fun multi-sensory creative play experience. The Playfoam Putty 4-Pack contains 4 cool neon colours and because child-friendly Playfoam never dries out, the squishing, crackling fun never ends! It’s the Playfoam pack that combines with squishability of Playfoam with stretchy, pliable putty that crackles with every squish and stretch. Pack contains 4 colours of fun, neon Playfoam Putty. The bead-like texture and crackling sound are ideal for sensory play. Every squish makes a satisfying sound. Squishing, sculpting, and stretching Playfoam Putty helps build hand strength and other fine motor skills. Makes a fun fidget toy for kids and adults. So much fun, you’ll want to keep squishing! Each tub measures 7cm in diameter by 3cm H.

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