Playfoam Pluffle Blue and Red 2 Pack



Playfoam Pluffle Blue and Red – The Mesmerising Feel-Good Fluffy Stuff!Mix together the wonderful creation and squish-sation of Playfoam Pluffle! Bursting with colour and glitter that is truly mesmerising to watch, all whilst keeping its texture and feel!Squish it! Squash it! Watch it flow and deconstruct. Mesmerizing mixable Playfoam Pluffle™ is the latest squish-sensation.Children can mix together feel-good fluffy Playfoam Pluffle colours to create cool combinations, then give it a squish, release and watch it flow and deconstructSquishing, pinching, squeezing and smushing Playfoam Pluffle develops hand strengthFeel-good fluffy texture promotes tactile learningMesmerizing, lava lamp-like flow encourages concentrationUse straight from the tube for immediate squish play opportunitiesChild-friendly formula ensures safe creative play for children aged 5 and upStain-free, non-sticky, never dries outEach pack measures 22.86 H x 12.7 W x 6.35 DIncludes 2 colours Blue and RedFeatures multilingual packaging

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