Pip The Letter Pup



Pip The Letter Pup is ready to teach the ABCs! Get ready to learn early alphabet, spelling, and language skills with the help of Pip the Letter Pup from Learning Resources. This adorable interactive Pip The Letter Pup pooch introduces kids to every letter of the alphabet through fun hands-on play.Pip the Letter Pup grows and shrinks with the help of five spinning hexagonal pieces, each of which comes printed with five letters of the alphabet on its sides. As kids boost their fine motor skills building up their doggie friend, they can also spin the letters into the correct order, reinforcing letter recognition and alphabet skills along the way. In addition to introducing kids to alphabet fundamentals.Pip also helps kids learn the basics of spelling. Pip's hex pieces can be spun to spell two- to five-letter words, and even come with extras of popular letters so kids can spell words like 'Mom' and 'Dad'!Engaging puppy toy is ideal for teaching a variety of early literacy skills:The alphabetLetter recognitionBasic spelling skills (two- to five-letters words)Early language skillsLetter pieces spin easily to enable early learners to twist and turn them to create simple wordsToddlers will build their fine motor skills as they add and remove piecesHands-on play activities ensure early learners are kept engagedExtend the learning opportunities into imaginative playPip the Letter Pup comes with:Head and tail piecesFive hexagonal body piecesPip the Letter Pup's Let's Spell activity set.Plastic hexagonal body pieces each feature five letters (includes all the letters of the alphabet along with an extra A, E, D and M to help spell simple words)Sturdy plastic pieces are all wipe-cleanFully built Pip measures 21.5cm L x 9cm HFeatures multilingual packaging

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