Photo Conversation Cards



Includes 90 photo cards each with an accompanying social story and practical ideas and suggestions for helping children develop social and communicating skills. The photo cards are organized by card number and topic for easy reference:Meeting and Greeting PeopleHealthy HygieneMealtime MannersPersonal SpaceMaking and Keeping FriendsGood SportsmanshipHome and FamilyUnderstanding EmotionsMaking and Keeping FriendsStaying HealthySchool, Teachers and Riding the BusSafety and Following RulesImportant Magic WordsPhone Manners and GuidelinesMiscellaneous TopicsOn the back of each photo card is a social/communication skills story that relates to the photo. This strategy uses a story written for the child (most often in the first person) to describe a social situation, skill, or concept. The story describes what is happening and why, along with how the people think, feel and behave in that situation. The stories are reviewed until the child is able to interpret that particular situation.Due to the wide range of abilities that children with ADD demonstrate, the backs of these cards are meant to be used as a springboard. The teacher, parent, or therapist should review the back of each card and then modify the social story and/or practice ideas to fit the needs of individual children.

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